BD Constructive Trades Corp. (BDCT) was created in 2015, fueled by the demand in Sudbury for an affordable and licensed construction firm that is able to offer a breadth of services, including road construction and repairs, electrical repairs and construction, as well as general contracting. Harsh weather conditions, frequent mining activities as the “mining capital of the world”1, and “several decades of sustained…population growth”2 have resulted in new roads being built and maintain current ones, new home construction, as well as electrical repairs and composition. Due to the complex nature of training, certification, licensing and ensuring the safety of contractors and the general public, many organizations are hesitant to diversify their service portfolios beyond one core service. As a result, customers are forced to hire a variety of businesses to complete an assortment of projects. This can lead to confusion, inflated budgets and long timelines.

Bradley Davis is the founder and proprietor of BDCT. His background as a licensed electrician has provided a strong foundation for the success of the business. He has acquired his Interprovincial Standards Red Seal certification for construction maintenance. This “allows qualified tradespeople to [practice] their trade anywhere in Canada where the trade is designated.”3 In addition to working for large firms such as Sudbury Hydro, ESA and Hydro One, Bradley has also worked on residential projects, including Sudbury’s 2013 award-winning electrical team from Zullich Enterprises. Brad’s road construction experience came by the way of four years working with Teranorth Construction and Engineering Limited, one of northern Ontario’s leading highway and road construction companies. Currently, Brad is completing his candidacy for his Master Electrician License.


People should have affordable and reliable access to repair, maintenance and construction services. BDCT also believes that employees should be treated with dignity and respect, and strives to create a reliable and safe work environment.

BDCT aims to provide the Greater Sudbury Area with a dependable, affordable and competitive full-service construction service.

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